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Whistler trip estimated return time is 6:30pm ...

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Reminders for the Whistler ski trip tomorrow:

1. Arrive no later than 0545 at the church with everything you require.

2. Eat before you arrive or bring breakfast with you.

3. Dress warm and layer. Cross Country Skiing is a huge workout and you want want to remove layers. Bring a bag to keep your items together.

4. Bring snacks and water. The bus leaves whistler before 1630 and will take up to 3 hours to get home. Dinner is not provided.

5. Exact return time will be posted on this Facebook page. Please watch to see the estimated times.

6. Only the Cadets listed in the previous post are attending. There have been a number of Cadets who thought they have signed up and in fact they have not. The names posted are from the original sign up in September.

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Next week will be WINTER STAND DOWN so do not wear uniforms, wear civilian attire!

Announcements from Tuesday:

1. Foodbank donations are still being taken to support our local community

2. Camp forms must be handed in at the duty desk during sign in. No forms will be accepted after 1900hrs (7 pm)

3. For those who have signed up to bring food, please remember to bring it next week for the stand-down parade. If you didn't sign up and still want to bring food, please do so (make sure it is enough to feed 6-8 people).

4. All teams except biathlon will be on break until the end of winter break.

5. Duke of Edinburgh people, please check your emails

6. Ski day is this weekend. All who signed up must show up. Dress for the weather and be at the church no later than 0545hrs (5:45 am).

Remember to work on your uniforms during the winter!

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Dec /15/2019 Ski day

( sign up confirmation) These are the final names including the ones who signed up in September and who where added later on due to scheduling conflicts.

Ski day. All who signed up must show up. Dress for the weather. Arrive no later than 5:45 AM at the church.

1. Sgt Rafols
2. Sgt Ellis
3. Cpl Lin
4. Cpl tang
5. F/sgt Sampson
6. Cpl Jolly
7. Cpl fenmore
8. F/cpl Zhu
9. Ac Dong
10. Ac Romero G
11. F/cpl Talan J
12. Ac Rauda J
13. F/sgt Mcnamara
14. Lac Yu R
15. Ac Yao
16. F/cpl Parmar
17. Sgt Im R
18. F/cpl Im J
19. Cpl Wu J
20. Cpl Francis
21. Cpl Niu
22. Lac Saiyed
23. Sgt khan y
24. F/sgt Mete
25. F/sgt Ferreros
26. F/sgt Kelly
27. Sgt Anderson
28. Ac park J
29. (aaron Huang )
30. Lac Wu M
31. Cpl Shmig
32. Ac Miao
33. AC Flores
34. Ac Buenvenida
35. Ac quitaleg K
36. Ac Choi M
37. Ac Harran A
38. Ac Wu s
39. Ac Eldecb y
40. Ac Feroze A
41. Ac Lowe E
42. Ac Gill D
43. F/cpl Kim A
44. Sgt Jeon c
45. Ac Singla Neil
46. Ac Singla Nakul

Added at a later date
47. (Bhandal)
48. (Chen J)
49. (Yu k)
50. (Durango M)
51. (Li K)
52. (Ordinario)
53. (Garcia)
54. (Chris park )
55. (Kirton)

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NSTC Applicants for the PPS, GPS and IACE remember to have your completed paperwork and report card on Tuesday December 10, 2019. If it is not received your name will not be submitted. For the AA and AO course applications the following information is required by these cadets;

Huynh, Tom
Rafols, N
Height in CM
Waistline in CM

If I have not received this information by Tuesday December 10, 2019 this will cause a delay in your application and possible withdrawal of your application.

CI Kelly

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Remember to bring non-perishable food donations for the food bank on Tuesday! ...

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Volleyball tournament tomorrow!
Please meet at 815 @Moscrop Secondary School
ENSURE you bring ID so verify age!
End time can vary depending on how we do so ensure parents are near by at around 1-3pm
Lunch will be provide Panago pizza!!
Please ensure you bring water!!

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767 Dearman was very well know for this iconic bus. It has been several years since we parted ways with “Argus”.

We are in search of your best pictures of Argus. Feel free to post them in the ... See more